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Shop high-end men’s clothes SoHo, NYC, New York City

Shop high-end men’s clothes SoHo, NYC, New York City

Shop high-end men’s clothes, dress shirts, designer trousers, sweaters, and jackets coming in unique styles and sizes from XSmall to XL, in SoHo, NYC.

Even though New York City is one of the world’s fashion capitals, shopping for high-end men’s clothes can be tricky if you don’t know where to look. Find everything you need in our boutique located in SoHo, to complete or to start your men’s high-end wardrobe. From classic white dress shirt to leather jacket, sweaters, and designer trousers, the fashion-conscious men will find every piece he needs to elevate or complete his style. Designer miguel Antoinne personally creates, chooses the fabrics, and crafts every clothing that appears in the boutique.

What to look for when buying high-end clothes?

Before starting your shopping for high-end clothes, you need to ask yourself a few crucial questions.

  • What do I need it for?: Does a big event coming up, like a wedding, a black tie event, a business trip? Do I just need a new dress up shirt for a new job? Knowing what you need it for will make the process of choosing and buying a lot easier. Don’t be afraid to ask our staff for help.
  • How much do I want to pay for it?: Let’s be honest here: designer clothes are always a bit more pricy that the average retail dress shirt. But, many factors can influence the price tag: the fabrics, the design, the cut, etc. Maybe you will pay more for your clothing, but not only will it lasts longer, and will look better.
  • What are the basic high-end clothes I should start with?: There are classics that you can’t avoid: classic white dress shirt, black trousers, and a designer sweater or jacket to complete your look. You can match these items with almost every style or any occasion (job interview, formal event, first date, etc.)

Experience the feeling of high-end designer clothes!

Being in the fashion industry for many years, miguel Antoinne commits to offer you a one-of-a-kind shopping experience in his boutique, as well as on the online store, by providing you with well-fitted, comfortable designer menswear, and fashion advice for all the gentlemen who want to stand out.

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Visit our boutique located on Wooster Street, in Manhattan, NYC, or contact us by email or phone, and we will happy to help you. We also invite you to enjoy an online shopping experience and obtain free shipping everywhere in the United States.


Come to our fashion store in New York to discover...

  • > Our commitment is to excellence.
  • > We employ prudent tailoring standards in the construction of each garment.
  • > Our discipline is to be meticulous in our attention to detail.
  • > We understand that luxury is a privilege and that craftsmanship is everything.
  • > We take a timeless approach to design.
  • > We are driven by quality.
  • > Our garments are created from the finest fabrics from around the world.
  • > We are here to serve you.

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