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Men’s Designer Hoodies SoHo, NYC, New York City

Men’s Designer Hoodies SoHo, NYC, New York City

Check out our amazing collection of men’s designer hoodies and sweaters in SoHo, NYC, and New York City, coming in a variety of styles, fabrics and sizes, from XS to XXL.

In general, hoodies are associated with casual wear, urban wear, and street style. However, our selection of men’s designer hoodies are created to be trendy, stylish, and comfortable. Each designer hoodie is made with the finest fabrics : Italian leather, Japanese cotton, and high-quality fleece, to be cozy and well-fitted. Your designer hoodie can be used during transitional months of spring and fall, and in winter when layered. Designer miguel Antoinne chooses the finest fabrics, creates, and assembles each high-end hoodie to provide you with unmatched quality and luxury.

How to choose the perfect designer hoodie?

When it comes to designer clothing that is usually more expensive than most, you might want to take some points into consideration before and during your shopping, so that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

  • Look for the highest quality: Designer hoodies for men are usually of better quality than the sweatshirt and fleece hoodies you find in retail. Don’t hesitate to try it on, to touch the fabric, to make sure that you are absolutely comfortable.
  • Choose a hoodie according your body size: Take your body measurements (waist, chest, shoulder, and neck) and carry them with you when shopping for hoodies, and you will find the perfect fit for you. Make sure it’s not too tight, or too big.
  • Check for pockets and zippers: For carrying your phone, keys, or wallet, you want your designer design to have extra “storage space” and robust zippers. Also, choose a designer hoodie with extra pockets and nickel zippers that are much stronger and that will last longer.

Experience the luxury of a men’s designer hoodie!

Rock an urban or street style with your new designer hoodie! Miguel Antoinne commits to offer you an exceptional shopping in our store, but also on our online shop, by providing you with one-of-a-kind men’s designer hoodies for all men out there who wish to stand out.

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Come to our boutique located on Wooster Street in Manhattan, NYC, or contact us via phone or email! Enjoy our online shop and get free shipping everywhere in the United States.


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  • > Our commitment is to excellence.
  • > We employ prudent tailoring standards in the construction of each garment.
  • > Our discipline is to be meticulous in our attention to detail.
  • > We understand that luxury is a privilege and that craftsmanship is everything.
  • > We take a timeless approach to design.
  • > We are driven by quality.
  • > Our garments are created from the finest fabrics from around the world.
  • > We are here to serve you.

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