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High-End Designer Clothing for Men SoHo, NYC, New York City

High-End Designer Clothing for Men SoHo, NYC, New York City

Take a look at our exceptional selection of high-end designer clothing, dress shirts, jackets, pants, and sweaters for men in SoHo, NYC, and New York, coming in unique style and sizes from XSmall to XL.

For the fashion-conscious men, having high-end designer clothing in their wardrobe is a part of their lifestyle. Whether you own one or two pieces of high-end clothing, or a complete wardrobe, only one piece of luxury clothing, like the classic white dress shirt, or the black tailored trousers, can make a difference in an everyday situation. Designer miguel Antoinne personally creates designs, chooses the fabrics to combine style and comfort for all high-end men’s clothes in the boutique.

What are the basic high-end clothes to have in my wardrobe?

Let’s be honest, nothing looks better than a man with a perfectly fitting suit, or dress shirt. The classic white dress shirt is a piece that every man should have in his wardrobe, for job interviews, business outfit, formal attire; it fits with virtually everything. Also, the high-end black trousers are a must that will fit as much with your working outfit, than on a first date. Finally, adding a designer sweater or high-end hoodie, will come in handy when the cold days of fall or winter arrive.

How should I care for my high-end clothes?

Unless you have professional skills in laundry and ironing, we recommend that you bring your high-end designer clothes to a dry cleaner. Not only will it preserve the fabrics, but it will also maintain the brand new aspect of your luxury clothing longer.

Experience the luxury of high-end designer clothing!

Miguel Antoinne commits not only to provide you with well-fitted, comfortable design clothes for all gentlemen out there, but also with convivial shopping experience in our SoHo boutique, as well as on our online shopping store.

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Come visit our boutique in the heart of Manhattan, on Wooster Street in SoHo, or contact us via email or phone. You can also enjoy online shopping and obtain free shipping everywhere in the United States.


Come to our fashion store in New York to discover...

  • > Our commitment is to excellence.
  • > We employ prudent tailoring standards in the construction of each garment.
  • > Our discipline is to be meticulous in our attention to detail.
  • > We understand that luxury is a privilege and that craftsmanship is everything.
  • > We take a timeless approach to design.
  • > We are driven by quality.
  • > Our garments are created from the finest fabrics from around the world.
  • > We are here to serve you.

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