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Designer leather motorcycle jacket for men NYC

Designer leather motorcycle jacket for men NYC

Check out our selection of the finest designer leather motorcycle jackets for men in New York City, made with the finest fabrics, coming in sizes Small to 2XL and a variety of styles


Even if you don’t own a motorcycle, a designer leather motorcycle jacket is a piece of clothing that gives us style, confidence, and mostly, will keep you warm. Also, if you decide to treat yourself with a motorcycle leather jacket, it will probably be one of the most expensive pieces of clothing you will ever own. As he does with casual shirts, designer trousers, and jackets, miguel Antoinne meticulously tailors each leather motorcycle jacket with great skill and a genuine concern for your comfort. However, before you begin your research for the best designer motorcycle jacket, take a look at these few tips.

What should I look for before buying a designer leather motorcycle jacket?

 Find your own style

A leather motorcycle jacket isn’t so much outerwear as an extension of your own persona. Make sure the style you pick fits, with your own style and enhances it as well. There are many styles you can look into :

Pick the perfect fit

A well-fitted leather motorcycle jacket should look and feel like a second skin, and must also suit your frame. The perfect fit needs to sit close to the body with a little extra room for a sweater so you can add some layers. Your sleeves should come down no longer that your wrists, while the rest of the jack should sit at waist height.

What is the price?

Buying a design motorcycle jacket can be a little more expensive than the average retail leather jacket. Tailoring, material, cut, and style; all these elements can influence the price tag. When well-picked, a leather motorcycle jacket can last for years and remain stylish.

Pay attention to the details

Purchasing a leather motorcycle jacket is likely to be a bigger investment, so you’ll want it to have the best accessories. First, make sure that all accessories (zips, buttons, and buckles), are of the best quality so it doesn’t wear out after a few wears. YKK, Talon, and RiRi zips are a must. Also, examine the lining’s quality; strong seams inside and out are a good indication that your brand new leather jacket will last a while. A good quality leather jacket will be stitched densely and evenly with sturdy polyester thread, and should have no loose ends or any points of weakness.

Experience the luxury and comfort of designer leather jacket!

From creating the design, choosing the right materials, to cut and tailoring, miguel Antoinne commits to offer each customer (online and in store)so they will have the best shopping experience, luxury clothing, and personalized service ever. All our designer leather motorcycle jackets for men are tailored to give you the best fit, to be comfortable, but also, to make you feel good about yourself.

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