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Custom Made Dress Shirt for Men Chelsea

Find the best custom made dress shirts for men in Chelsea tailored with your exact measurements and requirements by local designer miguel Antoinne, with high-quality fabrics and trendy styles. Contact us today for an appointment in our boutique or send us an online custom request.

About Miguel Antoinne

A good custom made dress shirt never goes out of style!

In the past few years, made-to-measure clothing for men has become increasingly trendy and, thus, more accessible to men who are concerned about their look. Regardless of your size, shape, and age, a good custom made designer dress shirt can go a long way. It will flatter your silhouette, boost your confidence and make the best of you shine through. New York designer miguel Antoinne offers you this incredible opportunity to have one of our amazing dress shirts bespoke for you, directly in our boutique, in SoHo.

Why invest into a custom made dress shirt?

You could choose any dress shirt in a retail store that would fit for everything. However, will it fit right? Will it complement your body shape? Will it be comfortable? These are questions you will never have to ask yourself if you decide to buy a custom made dress shirt. Whether you are having a business lunch with the CEO or going to work, a custom made dress shirt may be just want you need to get.

  • Better fit and comfort : Any man with a sense of style knows how much fit means everything. A custom made dress shirt adjusted to your measurements (neck, shoulders, chest, waist) will provide ease and comfort, and enhances your best features. Whether it is undersized or oversized, even the slightest detail can bring down your confidence.
  • High-quality fabrics : Most dress shirts you will find in retail are made with polyester, that are yes, practical, but will not be as durable and comfortable as cotton. All our made-to-measure dress shirts for men are crafted with the finest, highly durable cotton coming from Italy to ensure ultimate comfort. Miguel Antoinne and his team value precision; they can make adjustments and look out for inconsistencies. Most of our dress shirts have 160/2ply.
  • Individuality : As they say, you have only one chance to make a good first impression. A perfectly bespoke dress shirt will not only look great on you, it will exude confidence and will highlight your sense of style. You can choose among our various styles of shirts and pick the one that represents YOU and have it made with your measurements.
  • Longevity : Even though you are more than likely to pay a little more for your custom-made dress shirt, in the long term, it will prove you that it was a better investment that these 3-4 dress shirts you will buy in retail. Because of the superior craftsmanship, high-end materials used and overall better quality, you will have fewer problems (or wardrobe malfunctions) with your custom made designer dress shirt. Your brand new custom made dress shirt will undoubtedly outlast all your ready-to-buy shirts.

Experience the luxury of a custom made designer dress shirt!

From taking your measurements to choosing the fabrics, and making your custom designer dress shirt, miguel Antoinne commits to offer you the best shopping experience and personalized service. Every dress shirt is made locally in our New York workshops by our highly-skilled artisans and tailors. Please note that you MUST take an appointment in order to have your measurements taken for your custom made designer dress shirt.

When your custom made dress shirt is ready, you can come down in our boutique to try it on and experience the luxurious feel of a custom made designer shirt. Your dress is made to give you the best fit, to be comfortable, but mostly to feel good about yourself.

Take your appointment with us!

If you are ready to buy your brand new custom made dress shirt, you can contact us to take an appointment in our boutique SoHo, Manhattan, to have your measurements taken.

Online Custom Requests

Made-to-measure sizing are available on all our dress shirt styles. Please fill out the information below and we will get back to you with a price or additional follow up questions. Custom production pieces generally take 8-10 week production time. We highly recommend that you have a partner to help you take your measurements; the results will be more accurate and it’s more fun.


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