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Casual button-down shirt for men Chelsea

Casual button-down shirt for men Chelsea

Take a look at our selection of men’s designer button-down shirts in New York, made with the finest fabrics, coming in sizes Small to 2XL and a variety of styles /Check out our selection of the finest designer casual button-down shirts in New York, made with the most refined fabrics, coming in sizes Small to 2XL, in a variety of colors and styles.


A casual button-shirt is a must-have piece of clothing that every man should own. Whether it is to wear on a daily basis at the office, at home, or on a special occasion, your casual button-down shirt must feel and look great. miguel Antoinne tailors every designer casual-button down shirt with remarkable tailoring skills, with an authentic concern for your comfort and well-being.

However, before purchasing your brand new casual button-down shirt, don’t be afraid to check on a few elements, so you will find the perfect shirt that will last for many years to come.

What should I look for before buying a designer casual button-down shirt?

When will I wear it?

A design casual button-down shirt certainly doesn’t have the same allure as your average retail casual shirt. You must optimize your investment by thinking about all the occasion when you can wear your luxury casual button-down shirt : at the office, going out, on a date, or anything else.

What is the perfect fit?

If you have to consider one point on this list, choose this one. The fit is the most essential point to take into consideration when buying designer clothing. Before you start shopping, take all your measurements (neck, shoulders, chest, and waist). By having those numbers in hand, you will surely find the right size and fit, that will suit you perfectly.

What is the price?

When a piece of clothing is preceded by the term “designer”, the price tag always seems a bit higher. However, the tailoring, the unique style, the refined fabrics, and cut justify the higher cost. But, be assured that you will have the guarantee that your casual button-up shirt will be of the highest quality, elegant, and comfortable.

What color do I choose?

Designer casual button-down shirts come in many colors and patterns. If your fashion skills are nonexistent, stick to the classics : blue, black, white, and gray. If you feel adventurous, you may try some short sleeve casual button-down shirts with discrete patterns.

How to care for my designer casual button-down shirt?

If you want your designer casual shirt to last longer than usual, we strongly recommend professional dry cleaning. Dry cleaning will preserve the fabric, the overall aspect, the color, and the cut, keeping your shirt looking like brand new for a lot longer.

Experience the luxury of a designer casual button-down shirt!

From creating the design, picking the right fabrics, to cut and tailoring, miguel Antoinne commits to offer each customer (online and in store) the best shopping experience, whether it is online or in store, luxury clothing, and personalized service. All our designer casual button-down shirts for men are tailored to give you the best fit, to be comfortable, but mostly, to make you feel good about yourself.

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